Always working

It seems like a while since I posted something on my blog. I am trying to learn a few new tools at the moment and that´s why the actual creating falls a bit short. But I am working on a few nice things and I hope I can put something on here soon. Meanwhile I thought I post an image of my animated short. I already posted a render of a bathroom and this is another set, the living room. The modeling is pretty much done, it does not have any textures yet, but it already looks like something.

LivingRoomCompleteI am also working on a lot of concepts and scripts at the moment, so hopefully I will be able to post some really cool stuff soon. My very next project is actually a music  video for Michael Bhugaloo. See you soon!

By greenguy188

Term 2 Assignment

For term 2 we had to model the robots we designed in term 1 and make a poster with them. This is what came out:

FINAL POSTERAgain we had to render in Mental Ray, but the results aren´t too bad. I created the textures in Mudbox and Mari. In a few days I will make a turntable render for the robot in Arnold.

By greenguy188

On Fire Again

I feel quite confident with creating raging fire, but I had some problems creating a small, calm camp fire type fire. So I worked on some camp fire simulation and this is the result. I am quite happy with it. This is obviously for a very bright daytime situation. For darker lighting it would need to be more blown out.


By greenguy188

Cabin Destruction Part 1

This is the first of three versions of me destroying a cabin.


The Maya scene broke, so the explosion itself is only two seconds long. This is the first time I used Arnold for rendering, the fluids are still done in mental ray. Tracking and Compositing was done in Nuke. There is probably some potential to better integrate it into the video, but there are two other videos where I can try to improve.

By greenguy188

New Assignments

So we recieved the new assignments for uni. For the first module, we are supposed to model the robots we designed last term and create a movie poster with them, placing them into an interesting setting.

For the second module we will design a “Hall of Kings” using existing architecture as reference. Later we will project the painting onto simple geometry and create a ten second camera move.

Sounds fun, I hope I will have enough time to work on my personal stuff. The cabin is coming along, I am trying to cache my fluids right now.

By greenguy188

Another way to destroy things

Here is the second way I came up with to destroy my cabin. I am struggeling with Pulldownit at the moment, but I am very satisfied with the fluid simulations. It was the first time for me to try doing a tornado. The one thats destroys the cabin might get even better.


By greenguy188

Explosion 2.0

I am in the process of creating some elements for an effect I want to do. I want to destroy a cabin in a few different ways.

My explosion-making-abilities are coming along…


By greenguy188

Me and 2D

So this is my second assignment for this term, concept design. Not really my strong suit, but I´m very proud of the results. The Assignment was to design three different Characters:

- A guy/alien/creature thats builds fight robots

- The fight robot itself

- The guy/alien/creature/robot that repairs the fight robot

2013_12_19CharacterHeightSheet  2013_12_18RepairBotTurnaroundHeight 2013_12_17WarbotTurnaroundHeight


By greenguy188

First uni assignment

Hey, me again.

I delivered my first assignment for uni today. It´s a commercial for an app that lets you design paper cars. We had to use Mental Ray for rendering and After Effects for compositing which would not have been my choice. I will probable do another version with Vray and Nuke. Also, the pace of the edit and the music were dictated by the professor, not my fault.

By greenguy188

Assingment #1


This is a little test render for our first assignment at uni. We have to create a 30 second ad of an app that lets you design paper vehicles.

Rendered in Vray, no translucency so far.

By greenguy188